A journey of

It all began with a journey of self-exploration.
Shifting my attention from the outer world to my inner peace, I started to reconnect with my artisan father & family history, our mother nature, and most importantly, my soul.

In the midst of the challenges that have plagued us in recent years, I began immersing myself in nature, drawing strength and inspiration from its healing powers. I knew that it was time to create a brand that resonated with my core values and personal style. And that’s how Soulmatte was born.

— Ellis, founder of SOULMATTE


Family History of Handbag Craftsmanship

For more than half a century, my father honed his craft as a masterful artisan of leather handbags. From pioneering handbag craftsmanship in 1970s Hong Kong, to nurturing craftsmen in his factory over the years, he has dedicated half of his life in handbag craftsmanship.

Continuation VS Transformation

My father’s dedication sparked my love for handbags. With a concern for the impact of animal leather, I began exploring alternatives and merging my design with innovative and sustainable materials. This motive led me to create a plant-based handbag brand that resonates with my values and style.

Artisan Father

Pioneering Craftsmanship in HK

As one of the pioneering craftsmen in Hong Kong, he ventured to China in the 1970s, imparting his invaluable skills and techniques to contribute to the growing manufacturing industry.

factory scaled

Nurturing Artisans

With two thriving handbag factories in Shenzhen and Guangxi, he nurtured a workforce of over 1000 dedicated employees and inspired over 500 eager students.

factory 1

Continuation of Artistry

Now retired, my father's torch of craftsmanship has been passed down, and our handbags are now meticulously crafted in the very factory owned by his talented protégés. We have established a strong partnership based on shared values and a commitment to ethical practices.

When we appreciate and honor the beauty of life, we will do everything in our power to protect all life.

Thich Nhat Han